• What is a ministry sabbatical or spiritual renewal leave? 
  • Why does my pastor need a ministry sabbatical? 
  • How will a ministry sabbatical benefit our church? 
  •  Who needs a sabbatical? 
  • When should my pastor take a sabbatical? 
  • How long should a sabbatical be? What’s the criteria? 
  • Where can we find the guidance and resources to plan and carry out a sabbatical? 
  •  How do we begin?  --What do we do, or what steps do we take before, during, and after the sabbatical?


  • A brief, biblical context and rationale for sabbatical and Sabbath 
  •  Practical steps and phases for planning, initiating, and navigating the sabbatical from beginning to reentry. 
  • Answers to “honest fears and reservations” church members have regarding sabbaticals 
  • Helpful tools in the appendices, along with other samples of proposals, letters, and a an article on the need for ministry sabbaticals 
  •  Encouragement for those who find the whole idea to be overwhelming
  • Five testimonies of pastor's wives as to how the sabbatical benefited the church, the family, and the pastor.
  •  A starting point for sabbatical policies, housing, funding sources, and other helpful information to assist in planning the pastoral sabbatical
  • Helps for the church to understand the need of a pastoral renewal leave—a ministry sabbatical 
A Sabbatical Primer for Churches: How to Love and Honor the Pastor God Has Given You, will be a great help to local church leaders. 

This is the tool for those who want to encourage their pastor(s) to take a ministry sabbatical but need some helpful suggestions and guidelines for initiating and navigating this important season of spiritual renewal and refreshment.

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